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Club Sponsorship Deals June 2021!


‘A vibrant community tennis club for people of all ages and abilities’


Club Sponsorship Deals June 2022!

About Crescent Tennis Club:

Crescent Tennis Club, which was founded in 1905, is a vibrant community tennis club for people of all ages and abilities. The Club is based at Sidcup Sports Club, Sydney Road and has eight hard courts four of which are floodlit. The Club is affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association and the Kent Lawn Tennis Association.

Our Club Mission is:
The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation in particular by the provision of facilities for the playing of tennis in a club environment.

We have 10 volunteers who carry out a variety of roles from president, chairman, treasurer and team captains, who carry out a number of roles from membership to running social events to general grounds maintenance. The Club’s aim is to promote tennis as both a sport and leisure activity and our coaching programmes attracts juniors, intermediates and advanced players, as well as those players new to the game. Our coaching includes an active afterschool and holiday programmes and ‘rusty rackets’ for players of all abilities new to or returning to tennis. The Club’s coaching programmes are run Crescent Tennis Club, has over 100 members and our juniors and senior players participate in a number of competitions across Kent and south-east London providing competitive tennis for all levels, throughout the year. The club also runs a popular and well attended social tennis sessions for all players of all abilities.

Our Strategic Direction:

  • Grow the Club as a community hub for tennis.
  • Develop links with the community and schools encouraging increased community use of the facility.
  • Grow the Club as a social tennis hub.
  • Have first class coaching programmes in place for all.
  • Providing social opportunities during and outside of competitions, which draw players and family to the Club.
  • Having a regional presence by actively participating in regional competitions.
  • Enhancing and increasing existing facilities to offer the best courts and facilities to the membership.

Why sponsor us?
Crescent Tennis Club is looking to attract sponsorship to help develop the Club and its players.

For you, the sponsor, the benefits are your association with a premier tennis club in the area promoting healthy outcomes for members of the community and an opportunity for your employees to become involved in the club.

The Club is looking for sponsorship in cash and in-kind, ranging from sports equipment to services or expertise. We can offer sponsors tangible benefits from an involvement with us.

  • Brand exposure and awareness at local, regional and a wider level through our members and visitors. (Additionally, the Club is sited with two other sporting clubs and therefore brand exposure is wider than at other clubs)
  • Brand exposure through media coverage of club competitions and events.
  • Brand exposure to a wide membership audience, supporters and visitors.
  • All our sponsorship packages can be individually tailored to meet our sponsors’ requirements which might include brand awareness, corporate image, customer and employee relations and community relations. Our sponsorship partners will benefit from an association with a sports club based in the local community.
  • Non-exclusive licence free rights for your company to use in the context of images and logo of Crescent Tennis Club for the duration of your sponsorship.
  • Use of expressions e.g. sponsors of/or in partnership with Crescent Tennis club.

Your contribution
Your contribution would assist with important replacement or upgraded infrastructure such as:

  • Replacing the existing acrylic surface on courts 1 and 2.
  • Court surface improvements by replacing the tar mac with clay and tiger turf.
  • Providing step free access to courts 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Maintain our existing court lighting with an aim of moving to environmentally friendly LED lighting;
  • Help us to have additional court lighting on courts currently without lighting;

Sponsorship packages
We would like our sponsors to have a long-term partnership with Crescent Tennis Club, therefore we offer rates for ongoing partnership arrangements.

Each package is offered on a non-exclusive basis and Crescent Tennis Club reserves the right of accept sponsorship offers for one of its packages from more than one sponsor. However, we would be open to discussing exclusive sponsorship with you.

We realise that each arrangement will be different and will work with individuals to develop the most suitable package. The following outlines some base packages which can be viewed as a starting point for discussions. We have packages available to suit all budgets, but all aspects can be negotiated to suit individual requirements.

  • It is our responsibility to make sure the sponsorship works for you. Evaluation and delivery of the final package will be a core part of the package.
Please contact us for more information about sponsorships.