Blackfen Chiropractic Championships

The password for all protected pages is the code for the ball cupboard.

Thank you to everyone for entering the Crescent Club Tournaments – we have 70 members taking part over 13 events, so a really really impressive turn out. We had 28 in the mens singles, which I think is a recent year record!!

Whilst the tournaments are being played (July 3rd – September 11th), we will put a hold on the box leagues. These will resume again after finals day.

All the events are printed out and advertised on the notice board in the tennis club room. There is also a contact list printed out listing everyone’s contact number.
I have also enclosed digital screenshots of the draws in the attachment below.

In the events which are a round robin in the first round – Under 18 Boys Singles, Ladies Singles, Mens Vets Doubles, Ladies Doubles, Under 14 Boys Singles – the games can be played in any order and certainly dont have to be played in the order as listed.

Please try and get the matches played before the listed play by date for each round!!

Enjoy the matches, have fun and good luck,