December 2017 Newsletter


Apologies that there has been a bit of a gap since the July one. We are now well into the winter season with all the joys that brings: wind, rain and cold. However, hardy souls that many of us are, play will continue despite the weather. Some of us who are unable to play at present through injury etc will gladly turn out in any weather when we are fit enough to play again!

The Courts

The fencing at the side of court 1 has now also been renewed so now 3 sides of the top courts have new fencing. Please help to preserve the new fencing by not leaning on it, or indeed bouncing off it. I will be organising a work party in the new year to do some essential maintenance to the surrounds on the bottom courts.

Fund raising/Future Events

The 100 Club badly needs more members signing up. The cost is only £48 a year (less than a £1 a week) and there are 2 prizes each month of £30 and £15. See Bernie, our Treasurer, and sign up today! There is a separate note on the board about social etc events planned for 2018. Do take a look at it and make a note in your diary of those you would like to attend. The first key date is the Club’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 28 February in the small bar at 8.00pm. This is an important meeting where the new Committee is elected and the level of subscriptions agreed.


Thanks to all those who have joined using ClubSpark and who have been patient while we continue to bed the new system in. Those of you not yet registered (for which you need Internet access) are being invited to do so as I write. Our aim is to run all Club admin – particularly membership renewals/applications and payment of subscriptions – through ClubSpark from April 2018. From that date, subscriptions will not be payable through the existing 3 cheque system. You can pay either in a single lump sum or by monthly Direct Debit through ClubSpark. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque direct to the Treasurer. As I have said before, please be assured that this LTA-sponsored tool is as safe to use as anything on-line can be these days. Your data is not passed on to any third parties and paying your membership fee through the system is just like buying any other product through the Internet. As detailed above, it also enables us to offer payment of subs via direct debit thus spreading the costs.


Committee Work

There will be vacancies on the Committee next year for a new Chairman to replace me and a Vice-Chairman to replace John Duffin. These are important roles which must be filled if the Club is to be run effectively. Can you put yourself forward? To give you an idea, the Chairman provides leadership for the Club as a whole; sets the agenda for all formal meetings, then manages the discussion and summarises conclusions reached; produces an Annual Report; manages the coaching contract; and represents the Club at Sports Club meetings.



The usual reminder to please not leave any debris on the courts. The court tidy-up gang are fed up with picking up drinks bottles, paper cups, ring pulls, sweet/crisp packets etc. Bin it when you come off court please! Please also release the net tension if you are last on any court. This helps reduce wind damage to the posts etc. And make sure the courts and the ball cupboard are locked please.


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