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Famous Quotation

An Inspiring Quote

When I need a little inspiration to remind me of why I spend so much time in the class room I just remember what Lee Iacocca said:

In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something else.
Crescent Tennis Club Committee 2020-21

Charity Trustee
HMRC Other Official for gift aid	Suzy Lundie (SL)
SSC representative
Charity Trustee
HMRC Authorised Official for gift aid	Graham Watson (GW)
Membership secretary
Funding sub-committee
HMRC Authorised official for gift aid.
Charity Trustee	Bernie Adams (BA)
Welfare Officer
Junior members’ representative
Charity Trustee	Gary Payne (G[P)
Men’s captain
Charity Trustee
HMRC Other Official for gift aid	Tony Garrett (TG)
Social secretary	Elliot Scott  (ES)
Funding sub-committee.
HMRC Other Official for gift aid.	Nick Baker (NJB)
Deputy Welfare Officer	VACANT
Easy Fundraising	Dessi Orsmond (DO)
Head coach
Funding sub-committee	Neil Biddle (NBT)
Coach	Matt Woodhead (MW)
Hon. Fixtures secretary	Roy Kimberley (RK)
Ladies’ captain	Dot Garrett (DG)