January 2018 – Newsletter





After 6 years as Chairman of the Club, I have reluctantly decided that it is time to hand over the reins.  I have greatly enjoyed the role of Chairman and am very proud of the improvements made in many areas during my tenure.  However, I feel that now is the right time for a fresh pair of eyes at the top to lead us forward over the next few years.

As ever, I am indebted to my hard-working Committee colleagues and support from many other Club Members in ensuring the Club continues to run effectively.  Thanks also to the Team Captains for ensuring that all league and cup fixtures are fulfilled, teas organised and match fees collected. Thanks too to Marion Wilson for ensuring that we have enough tennis balls for the season, and to John & Pam Duffin who do so much good work all year round in clearing, weeding and repairing.

Regular Newsletters were issued to keep members up to date with what is happening and some successful social events run.  On the playing side, we enjoyed a certain amount of success in both League and Cup competitions, and the organised social play sessions continue to be popular and well attended.  Ernie Wellhausen, our Club professional, organised the annual Club tournament once again and continues to help players of all ages improve their games.



The Sports Club continues to look at ways of raising additional funds through more efficient uses of the grounds and facilities.  The long-awaited day nursery is now up and running; the telecoms mast has been installed; and there has been a small increase in the amount of leased car parking space during weekdays.  The revenue derived from these activities helps reduce pressure on our levy payment.  While still too high in our view, there has nevertheless been a significant reduction in recent years from £22,000 to the present £16,000.  However, this still amounts to some £300 per week to effectively lease our courts which severely limits our ability to build up a sinking fund.



Finals Day this year took place in June in the (vain) hope that the weather would be better than September.  Wrong!  Once again, rain and cold disrupted the day and some events had to be completed at later dates.

Some very good tennis was played watched by a hardy crowd suitably muffled up for the occasion.  Very well done to all the winners and runners-up for taking part.  Many thanks to Ernie for organising the event and to Geraldine and David Helps for running the BBQ.




We fielded our usual large number of teams in the Aegon, Kent and North Kent leagues and achieved some success. In the North Kent Summer leagues our Men’s 1 and Men’s II  teams won their respective Divisions.  In addition, Katy Taylor retained her Ladies Singles title at the North Kent finals in July.  Well done to everyone who represented the Club.



We have ended the year with much more in our Bank account – over £12,000 as opposed to £6,000.  This will stand us in good stead when we come to maintain and improving our courts.  A summary of the Accounts is provided with the rest of the papers for the AGM and our Treasurer, Bernie Adams, will present the details at the AGM.



Although we did not have a social secretary, a group of Members stepped forward to organise some successful events.  Chris Mackenzie and Tim Brasier ran another very successful quiz evening and Alan Randall organised the annual summer BBQ and the Christmas Midweek lunch.  Gill Randall continued to organise the “coffee club” throughout the year which continues to be “a nice little earner” for Club funds.  If anyone has an idea for fundraising please do let the Committee know.



Overall Membership numbers increased/decreased slightly this year despite the LTA’s report of a steep decline in the number of people playing the game overall.  This year’s numbers, with last year’s in brackets, are Adults 115 (109) and Juniors 32 (35).  Our Club website, kept up to date by David Lundie, also continues to act as a showcase introduction to the Club.  And we are now on Facebook thanks to Jackie Miles.  However, the best recommendation continues to be from existing members so, if you know anyone who is interested, get them signed up!

Whilst on this topic, the Committee is recommending that last year’s offer of a full membership fee of £150 for new/returning members be retained for a further year.  Last year this gained us 14 members who we might not otherwise have recruited.  Our hope remains that continuing with this policy will encourage more new (and lapsed) members to join (re-join).  It would also help maintain downward pressure on current subscription levels for all.  The Club’s present ageing profile makes it imperative that we attract new members.  The Committee feel that keeping last year’s offer open for another year will help achieve this.



The Club’s overall allocation will depend on how many Members (including juniors aged 9 and over) have signed up to the British Tennis membership scheme by 31st January 2017 and have opted-in to the ballot on the LTA website.  BTM membership (which is free: just join up on-line or over the phone) is compulsory – as is opting-in – if you want to take part in our ballot.  The LTA is able to cross-check names so nobody can slip through the net.  You will be asked in due course whether you want to participate.  When we have confirmation of our allocation, and the numbers who wish to buy tickets, we will organise the usual ballot.


SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR 2017-18               

The Committee has decided that subscription levels should not increase again this year.  However, the £10 discount for prompt payment will no longer apply.  While we need to build up funds for maintenance/improvements, the Committee is mindful that our rates need to be competitive with similar, local Clubs.  We also propose that junior members should pay a lower figure of £10 so as to encourage more to sign up.  The Committee therefore proposes the following rates:

  1. Adult Full membership £274
  2. Introductory Full membership (see above) £150
  • Full Membership per Couple (same address) £512
  1. Family (2 adults + children) £573
  2. Midweek membership (Mon-Fri until 5.30pm) £207
  3. Midweek Couple (same address) £379
  • “Coaching” membership (“rusty racquets”) £110
  • Students (aged 18-24) £114
  1. Advanced juniors (those playing in Teams) £102
  2. Juniors £10
  3. Parents of juniors (does not give full playing rights) £25
  • Social membership £36



The following are proposed for election to the various Committee posts for the 2014-15 season:

President                                 Suzie Lundie

Chairman                                Larry Woodman

Vice Chairman                         John Duffin

Hon Secretary                         Larry Woodman

Hon Treasurer                         Bernie Adams

Hon Fixture Secretary             Christine Mackenzie

Hon Membership Secretary   Barbara Durkin

Men’s Club Captain                 Tony Garrett

Ladies’ Club Captain               Bernie Adams

Social Secretary                      Pippa Smith

Junior Representative             Vacant

Sports Club Rep                      Larry Woodman


If any Member wishes to make different/additional nominations for any of the above posts they should do so in writing to me, proposed and seconded, 14 days prior to the AGM.






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