The Beginnings

In 1905 several gentlemen decided to contribute 10 guineas each to form the Crescent Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Obviously, this was not an inconsiderable sum in those days. This was to be located on Crescent farm, owned by a Mr Fisher, where Sidcup Cricket and Sidcup Rugby Football Club were already playing.

Some members were charged with procuring stop netting 6ft high from Gamages at a cost of 1 shilling a yard. Deck chairs were purchased at 1s 11d each. A full time groundsman was employed at 30s a week. Ball boys could be hired at Id a day. A few years later a ball was held in the village. Tickets cost 7s 6d. Chaperones were 2s 6d each.”Carriages” at 1.30 a.m.

A complaint was made to Mr Fisher that his sheep were wandering onto the courts. The Cricket Club was asked not to loft balls onto the croquet lawn.

The only mention of croquet that can be found is that it was of a high standard and matches were played against other clubs.

Sidcup Football Club (RFU) was founded in 1883. Players changed at a public house and were taken to the ground in horse-drawn vehicles.