British Tennis Membership/Wimbledon Tickets

In order to play league matches for the Club and to access a range of LTA benefits including being entered into the ballot for Wimbledon tickets you MUST have a British Tennis Membership (BTM) number.

To get a BTM number is free, straightforward and takes about two minutes to do.

To get a BTM number. It involves logging into the LTA Website and giving some information about yourself, name, address, age, name of tennis club etc. 


The LTA has now developed a selection of categories to join.  I chose the free ‘Advantage Play + option’. 

Once you sign up you’ll receive a BTM number.

Team captains will need your number to enter you into league matches, so please retain this.

The LTA will also inform Advantage members - those with a BTM number who they can apply for Wimbledon tickets each year - so another incentive to sign up today!